Yosooo Portable Saunas Steamer, Personal Steam Saunas Steamer Pot Sauna Suit for Body Slimming Loss Weight Home Relaxation Personal SPA Shower 1.5-1.8L 110V

This steam generator is mainly used for steam sauna, steam cabin or other related items.
Make your job easier while shower, control the knob switch for suitable timing range.
Can be used with aromatherapy oils.
Designed with handle and a button on it to make it portable and very safe to use.
It helps with stiff joints and muscle aches. After regular sessions of steaming, the item will help you to get rid of excess weight, make skin becomes soft and more elastic, improve blood circulation, and also benefit for the immune and nervous systems.

Material: PP shell
Main Color: White
Type: 110V US Plug (optional)
Standard Safe Capacity: 1.5L
Max. Capacity: 1.8L (not recommended to add this maximum amount of water)
Voltage: AC 110V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power: 850-900W
Time Range: 0-60 mins
Size: Approx. 19 * 26cm / 7.48” x 10.23”
Package Weight: Approx. 1512.5g

How to operate the sauna steam generator?:
1. Fill the clear water into the pot until the maximum water level and then make the lid lose.
2. After the power is turned on, the timing switch is rotated clockwise to the required time.
3. Please don’t add the corrosive liquid into the pot to prolong lifespan.
4. After using, please use soft towel to wipe off the water inside.
5. Recommend the using time about 30 mins.
6. Before and after use, please pay attention to replenishment.

Package Included:
1 x Saunas Steam Generator

1. The steam generator must never be operated empty.
2. The operation is only possible without pressure.
3. No touching the steam out when using.

Product Features

  • This equipment is made of the environment-friendly PP plastic liner and Environmental protection silicone
  • EASY TO CONTROL.There is a knob switch to control on and off of the steam generator, and you can choose the suitable timing range from 0-60 minutes for different purposes
  • It can be used with aromatherapy oils, totally relax yourself
  • Widely Used. The steam generator is fit for steam sauna, steam cabin, steam shower, hot yoga or other related items
  • Designed with handle and a button on it to make it portable and very safe to use