The Cover Guy Deluxe Sundance Hot Tub Cover – Shipping Included – All Models – Custom Made Replacement Spa Cover 5 Inch Thick – Lightweight, Durable, Energy Saving – Built for All Climates

Get the #1 hot tub cover that fits like a glove! We custom make this cover to fit your Sundance hot tub and spa perfectly! Great for all climates!

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– The Cover Guy’s Deluxe custom made hot tub cover is durable, lightweight and built for heavy loads and harsh weather.
– Chosen by over 30,000 happy customers every year as the best replacement spa cover to reduce energy costs, eliminate water logging, and protect against UV and mildew damage.
– With over 30 years of experience making high quality, custom made spa covers, our clever design also offers unparalleled insulation, child safety locks, and zero water absorption.

Sundance Replacement Covers For: Altamar, Austin, Bali, Bahia, Calypso, Cameo, Capri, Caprio, Caprio, Cayman, Certa, Chelsea, Edison, Hamilton, Hawthorne, Marin, Maxxus, Montego, Optima, Portofino, Rio, Tacoma, plus more!

A superior spa cover, shipped right to your door

Our spa covers for hot tub owners have been made for over 30 years and include:
– A 5 inch by 3 inch tapered cover
– 10 Color Options: Brown, Walnut, Tan, Burgundy, Light Gray, Charcoal, Light Blue, Navy, Hunter Green & Black
– 20 points of internal reinforcement.
– Highest marine grade vinyl.
– New generation coating and wrapping for zero water absorption.
– Reinforced folding hinge and tear free handles.
– An insulation value of R19.
– Maximum size 96″ x 96″ this listing

Once you’ve checked out, The Cover Guy will contact you within 24 hours via Amazon message centre to confirm the dimensions of your hot tub.

7-YEAR PRO-RATED WARRANTY – We know you’re going to love our high quality spa covers, but to give you extra peace of mind, you’ll also get a 7-year pro-rated warranty that covers you against manufacturers defects.

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Product Features

  • FREE SHIPPING – AMERICA’S #1 ORIGINAL & BEST HOT TUB COVER – Over 30,000 happy customers every year choose The Cover Guy as the best spa cover to deal to reduce energy bills and eliminate waterlogging. The superior craftsmanship and design of our spa covers comes from over 30 years of manufacturing experience.
  • CUSTOM MADE TO FIT LIKE A GLOVE – As soon as you’ve checked out on Amazon, our friendly team will email through Amazon messaging to confirm your hot tub’s specific dimensions and details so we can customize your replacement spa cover to fit perfectly.
  • REDUCES YOUR ENERGY BILLS – Our cleverly designed hot tub covers pay for themselves in energy savings alone! With an insulation value of R19 and made from quality high-density foam and marine-grade vinyl, our lightweight spa covers are designed to lock in the heat and keep out the cold, while allowing rain, ice and snow run off.
  • BUILT FOR ALL CLIMATES INCLUDING WINTER – The high-density foam means this reinforced spa protector can withstand heavy loads; be it snowfall, animals or even your children! It also comes with 4 lockable tie downs strategically placed so you have complete peace of mind that your little ones will be safe around your hot tub.
  • 7-YEAR WARRANTY – We’re confident you’ll be over the moon with your new durable and lightweight spa cover for hot tub owners. But to give you extra peace of mind, it comes with a 7 year pro-rated warranty.