Tearcam Oil Absorbing Sponge, Star Hot Tub Scum Sponge Spa Oil Absorber for Cleaning Swimming Pool, Absorb Oil Slime Grime and Scum (White)

Star Hot Tub Floating Sponge – VAVLE 4 PACKS pool spa accessories
Scum Remover absorbing sponges works well in absorbing inanimate scum, suntan lotion, baby oil and cosmetics, use it into your hot tube to reduce oil and clean the water, let you enjoy bath time better. a nice gift to friends who love spa in the daily life.

How to preserve and maintain?
1. After the sponge absorbing the dirt and oil from the pool, it will be darken and dirty. But don’t worry, you can rinse it and use again. Don’t use liquid detergent or enzyme liquid to clean the product. It may accelerate the decomposition of product and become brown. So, it is recommended cleaning with water.
2. If the sponge loses its elasticity after cleaning, it will be unable to return to its soft state. Then you’d better to change the sponge.

Perfect for collecting oil, scum, slime, grime, lotion, pollen & bugs from swimming pool, bath tub, spa tubs. You can also use the sponge to clean dishes, wok, stove stoves, dry sinks, faucets and so on.

1.It is recommended to have two Turtle Oil Absorbing Sponges floating around the water for best result.
2.When 1 side is scummy, flip it over. When saturated, squeeze out, clean and reuse.

Material: sponge
Shape: star
Quantity: 4 pieces

Package includes:
4 x Star scum sponges

Product Features

  • Good Water Absorption – Absorbs inanimate scum, sunscreen lotion, body oil, cosmetics, pollen, etc., does not absorb any moisture.
  • Star Shape – The unique star shape provides ample surface area for maximum efficiency.Even if it is used in water, our products will not be moldy, will not breed bacteria, and can be used with confidence.
  • Simple To Use – Just put two sponges in a water-filled pool or bathtub, and then the sponge can wash the water yourself without any other difficult settings.
  • Protect The Filter – By keeping inanimate scum and oil away from the filter, it maximizes filter life and minimizes maintenance costs.
  • Multi-purpose – In addition to reducing the load on the filter, it is ideal for cleaning swimming pools and the like. If you don’t love it ­ for whatever reason, plz contact us and we’ll replace it or give you every cent back.