Speakstick LED Wireless Shower Speaker with 3.0 Bluetooth Technology for the Shower, Pool, Beach, or Hot Tub. Portable, IPX4 Waterproof with Microphone and 6 Hours of Playtime (Blue)

Play Your Music Anywhere

Whether you’re taking a shower, hanging with friends at the beach, or having a picnic in the park
you can use this small but powerful speaker to play any audio content. It delivers full, natural
sound in an ultra-compact package that fits in the palm of your hand.

Connects to Any Bluetooth Device

You can easily pair, stream, and control your tunes when you connect this speaker to your phone,
tablet, laptop, computer, or TV. MoniB. uses it in her car because, “My audio system doesn’t have
an auxiliary input, bluetooth, or even a cd player–only the car manufacturer’s installed radio.

The SpeakStick’s round shape fits perfectly in one of my cup holders so I place my cell phone on
my dashboard holder and it plays awesome sound, much better than listening to my Spotify music
lists thru my phone’s tiny speakers!”

Pairs With Your Device Easily & Features Wireless Controls

It couldn’t be easier to connect the Speakstick Shower Speaker to your device. Just turn on the speaker,
turn on bluetooth on your device, and click to pair. Once connected, you’ll experience superb audio quality
that’s perfect for casual get togethers, cooking in the kitchen, or your next outdoor adventure.

And there’s the added bonus of being able to control the music from the speaker. At the push of a button
you can skip, pause, or crank up the volume.

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Product Features

  • SUPPORTS ALL BLUETOOTH DEVICES – This speaker can be connected to any bluetooth enabled device. Whether you have a laptop, iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, or Android device, you’ll be able to pair it with this mini-stereo and enjoy crystal clear sound quality in places you wouldn’t dare take your phone.
  • IPX4 WATERPROOF – You’ll be able to listen to all your favorite songs, books, podcasts, and radio shows without being paranoid about ruining your device. With this speaker, you can take your audio with you to the shower, the hot tub, the beach, the pool, or the waterpark.
  • WIRELESS CONTROLS & 6 HOURS OF PLAYTIME – After connecting your device and selecting your favorite thing to listen to, you can then put your device down and control the essential functions from the speaker. You don’t even need to touch your phone to turn the volume up or down, change the song, pause or play, or answer a phone call.
  • HIGH DEFINITION SOUND – This speaker uses Bluetooth 3.0 to deliver your tunes wirelessly to the high-quality, 3 Watt speaker. Once it’s connected, you’ll be able to hear your podcast, radio station, or playlist over the sound of the running water, and, if you take a call in the shower, the microphone will filter out the shower noise.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FOR 12 MONTHS – We’re sure you’ll be pleased with your Shower Speaker. If you’re not, then just send us a message within 12 months of the purchase date and we’ll either replace it or give you a full refund. Click “Add to Cart’ now.