Smartmak Portable Steam Home Sauna Personal Remote Control 2L Steamer for Detox & Weight Loss Lightweight Double Person Spa Indoor (Yellow)


1. The portable sauna is easy to open and use, What you need to pay attention to is our products do not need to be installed, just open it directly.

2. One or two people can use our products at the same time, you can share the fun with friends or family while enjoying HOME SPA, which is very suitable for family leisure life.

3. FOUR layers of thick waterproof fabric to prevent steam leakage and makes you more convenient to clean.

4. Our products are based on positively calculated humanized pockets, can be placed at the same time mobile phone and remote control, and do a good job in health and entertainment, to meet your various needs.

5.the body through the perspiration to lose weight, detoxification, slimming effect,especially for women, achieves detoxification and has whitening and skin care effects.

6.You can get a herbal box for your treatment, and the steam generator can also be used in the family bathroom to accelerate the warming of the bathroom and to keep warm and moisturizing.


Dimension: 82*85*106cm

Temperature regulation: 1-9 files

Box temperature: 45-65 degrees

Expanded size: 80*90*105CM

Time control: 0-99 minutes

Capacity of Water: 2 L

Package Contents:

Two person sauna box *1


Remote control*1


herbal box*1

Carry bag*1

Product manual*1

Note: Please check the instructions before using it, (Important‼) 🚫 Do not put essential oil in the steamer to prevent the lid from breaking up, you can put it in a herbal box.

Product Features

  • 💕 PORTABLE: The product is fast fold and unfold, and a special carrying bag can be easily carried.
  • 💕 Double-sided zipper allows you to enter and exit without difficulty, you can use it with your friend or family, and enjoy full body sauna spa or only foot spa as you like.
  • 💕 EVAPORATOR: Environmentally friendly 304 one-piece stainless steel 2L evaporator, time and temperature can be adjusted by the remote control (with battery)and buttons..
  • 💕 Four layers of waterproof cotton can effectively prevent steam leakage and make cleaning easier.
  • 💕 USES:The role as a steam sauna to massage health care and physiotherapy with herbal box,removes toxins through low temperature perspiration promotes wound healing, and weight loss.