ReflectXL Shower Mirror by Mirror On A Rope. Our Largest Mirror. Shatterproof. Easily Eliminate Fog and Shadows. Includes Two Removable Adhesive Hooks and an Adjustible Rope (Green)

ReflectXL is big. Similar in design to Mirror On A Rope’s ReflectX mirrors only larger. Too big to travel with but great for the home. If you need a mirror that you’d want to travel with take a look at Mirror On A Rope’s ReflectX and ReflectXD (scratch resistant) mirrors. What are some features that set Mirror On A Rope mirrors apart? You won’t be trapped in a shadow with a mirror that’s trapped on the wall. Not being stuck to the wall means that you can put the the mirror where you need it, to use the light available in your shower stall. Most shower lighting comes from outside of the shower, putting you either completely within a shadow or half within a shadow when you use a wall mounted mirror. Our durable patent pending design will help to ensure that your mirror stays in great condition for years. The laminated back is an idea borrowed from race car wrapping. It is designed to withstand direct sunlight and road debris impacts of over 100mph. There is a good chance that it will hold up in your shower.

Product Features

  • 7.6″ x 5.6″. Patented design. 3 Year Warranty covering desilvering and delamination.
  • The BEST way to prevent fog on a mirror is to apply heat. Just heat it with your hot water.
  • Mirror, paracord and backing are made in the U.S.A. Accessory hooks are imported.
  • A shatterproof acrylic mirror with a scratch resistant print on the back and 5.5′ of paracord
  • *Fog free and shadow free when used according to directions. Take control of your reflection.