Poweka Spa Sponge Scum Oil Absorbing for Hot Tub Absorbs Oil Slime Grime and Scum Perfect for Swimming Pool-4 Pack

This pool sponge offers a unique and easy way to clean and maintain your swimming pool. Simply place the Scumbug in any pool skimmer or free-float it in a spa, and the sponge will absorb 40 times its weight in pollen, body oils and suntan lotions. Once the Scumbug is dirty, squeeze it out, clean it and reuse it for a summer of clean swimming.

Size: 3.8 × 3.9 × 1.1 inch
Quantity: 4
Color: White

Great oil-absorption ability
Keep the oil inside of the sponge, once the oil absorbed, it will not expend in your pool or tub.

Satisfaction guaranteed
We offer 24/7 customer service and 30 days guarantee. Get 100% money back if the sponge doesn’t satisfy your needs. So you have no risk to try.

Product Features

  • Absorbs 40x+ its weight in inanimate scum, suntan lotion, body oils, make-up, cosmetics, pollen, etc.
  • Easy to use: Place the spa sponge in and letting the filter pump run for a while, and let they float around freely (flip occasionally).
  • Lots of surface area: The unique lotus flower shape provides plenty of surface area for maximum efficiency and ensures that it won’t get stuck in your water lines.
  • Improves the efficiency of your filtration system: By absorbing inanimate scum and lotions / oils, the lotus flower sponge help lighten the load on your filtration system and filter, maximizing their life span and minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Value pack for maximum efficiency: Four pack (as shown). Each unit will last approximately one swimming season. Highly effective at an excellent value.