Peize HOT!!! Best Product For Shower 6pcs Anti Slip Bath Grip Stickers Non Slip Strips (White B)

❤❤When non-slip safety is of the utmost importance, improve traction on all kinds of slippery surfaces with SlipX® Solutions® Adhesive Treads

❤❤non-slip bathtub treads use incredibly sticky adhesive that can last for many years.

❤❤These safety treads aren’t just for the bath, either-they’re perfect for shower stalls, staircases, hot tubs and more.

❤❤Count on our treads anywhere you need extra traction on a non-textured surface.

Product Features

  • ❤Helps prevent slips & falls
  • ❤Comfortable for bare feet
  • ❤Cut to size with scissors and Stripe Size
  • ❤se for: bath,shower,steps,boats ladders,workshop etc.
  • ❤6pcs anti slip strip