PawBest Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub (with Ramp, Faucet, Hoses and Loops)

You will love our newest Paw Best grooming bath tub! It will make bathing more fun and convenient. Due to the amount of bathing time you spend daily, this tub will not only become handy but also be your backsaver. For better strength and durability, the tub is made of rust resistant 16-gauge 304 type stainless-steel construction. The tub basin is fully welded in one piece to ensures against leaks. The base frame is also fully welded and equipped with levelers for uneven floor. The sliding door is perfect to save space. You can simply slide the door open or closed, without having the door open. Tub comes equipped with a green rubber mat to prevent slippage and a plastic ramp with non-slip texture. Back and side splashes prevent water spill around and they are removable, giving you the option of a 360-degree bathing experience. This tub give you the options to use either 4,6,8 inches wall-mount faucet. It is a perfect dog grooming bath tub for both home and commercial use.

Product Features

  • Built in super durable rust resistant 16-gauge 304 type stainless-steel
  • Fully welded one piece tub basin to ensures against leaks and fully welded baseframe for solid stability
  • Sliding door contains watertight seals to keep water in and prevent leaks, easy to use and save space & Ramp allows dogs to walk directly into the tub, it can be hidden underneath when it is not in use
  • Compatible with 4″,6″,8″ wall-mount faucet, comes with 6″ Faucet, Sprayer
  • The tub is equipped with overhead grooming arm with 2 loops, anti-slip mat, drain, hair trap, 4 adjustable levelers