Nordic Style Teak Shower and Bath Mat – Heavy-Duty and Dark-Oiled for Indoor and Outdoor Use – Non-Slip Wooden Platform for Sauna, Pool, Hot Tub – 31.4 x 19.6-Inch Flooring Decor and Protector

Looking for a mat that does not ruin the laid-back feel of your shower or bath?

Shag, plush, cotton, microfiber, memory foam. There are so many options for bath rugs and mats that sometimes we can be swept away from quality in exchange for a price point or even a fluffy, fun look. Unfortunately, sacrificing quality ends up costing us a lot more than a headache in the long run.

When fabric soaks up copious or minute amounts of water, it holds it in. If you’re on the run and leave it to absorb instead of tossing it in the dryer or hanging it under the sun, you’ll find that it develops a horrible smell. The mat also becomes discolored and may even harbor things harmful to your health.

Nordic Style Teak Shower and Bath Mats is your safer and more stylish alternative to the conventional rug.

Teak wood has been acknowledged for centuries as the most durable, weatherproof material from which to build homes, furniture, and yes, ships. Just like the strength of the mighty Vikings, our teak mat is built to survive.

Not only is this natural wood weatherproof, but the innovative design behind our bath mat also allows moisture to flow between the slats and down to an elevated bottom. This way, the wetness isn’t locked within the material.

Our design and the optimal choice of high-quality hardwood make this bath mat ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you utilize it for your spa, sauna, hot tub, pool, bath or shower, you’re investing in a long-lasting, quality piece that will enrich the look of your space.

Still not convinced? Here are some extra treats:

❤️ Slated wood resists slipping
❤️ No unpleasant odor
❤️ Dark oiled finish boosts longevity
❤️ Sustainably sourced

Turn your home into a personal luxurious spa. Add Nordic Style Teak Shower and Bath Mat to your cart TODAY!

Product Features

  • TROPICAL APPEAL – Teak, or Tectona Grandis, is harvested sustainably from hardwood trees and offers an aura of comfort and relaxation, much like a spa. A teak mat is both modern and beautiful.
  • SHIP-WORTHY BUILD – In the days of Nordic-colonized Indonesia, the Scandinavians would use teak to build their world-renowned ships because it stays tough and durable against water and weather.
  • AGES LIKE WINE – 2,000-year-old items crafted from teak have been found still intact today. Our shower floor mat of the same material will stay just as attractive as fresh-milled wood.
  • NOT SLIPPERY WHEN WET – This soft-grooved wood grain is porous enough to offer a nice non-slip surface. The natural oils on the surface make it safer and gives it an elegant spa decor look.
  • STRONG AND STURDY – The waterproof tropical teak wood contains natural elements that block out parasites and other undesirables that would easily destroy a plain door mat or shower rug.