Meng Swimming Pool Waterproof Light, Pond, Underwater Light Show and Aquarium, Fountain, hot tub or Party Decoration Float Ball, Bathtub Baby Bath Light (7 Lighting Modes), Color Bathtub Toy (White)


1. 5 different sequences, you can change them by pressing the button

2. Consists of different combinations of red, green and blue light – each has a different pattern and display, some flickering, some still

3.The dome shape means that the light can stick out to illuminate the pool or room

4. Includes a balance cap that you can float in the bathtub

how to use

1. First, remove the three screws and remove the cover.

2. Next, put three AAA batteries into the battery compartment to ensure that the anode and cathode of the battery are correct.

3. Third, open the switch to check if it works normally. If it works normally, long press the switch will close

4. Finally, tighten the screws. If there is no water, it will damage the battery, it will be damaged.


Please tighten before putting it into the water, otherwise it may be filled with water and no longer work.


The light should float on the surface of the water instead of being submerged under water!

To turn off the light, just press the button and hold it for 3 seconds.

Tighten the dome to allow for waterproof entry.

Product Features

  • Bathing lights can float on the water and project colorful lights, turning bath time into a vibrant disco light show. Glow, flicker, discolor, float on the water, project light into your pool, this is a very cool decoration
  • The bath lamp is made of food grade PC. It is non-toxic, does not contain BPA, has smooth edges, reduces the risk of injury, and can be safely used in water. The waterproof effect is very good. Note: Please let it float on the water instead of sinking under water.
  • Made up of different combinations of red, green and blue light, each with different patterns and displays, some flickering, some still
  • Easy to use: Open the battery compartment with a screwdriver. Put in a 3* AAA battery (not included), then close the cover and tighten the screws. Connect the dome, press the button, if you want to turn it off, press and pause for 3 seconds.
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