Meditub MT2739RWS Compact 27 by 39 by 36-Inch Walk In Soaker Bathtub Spa Right Side Door, White

Meditub walk-in bathtubs are designed for accessible independent bathing. Its elegant craftsmanship observes the industry’s highest standards of safety, quality and function. Harnessing the therapeutic essence of air and water, Meditub brings you a luxurious bathing experience that is safe, relaxing and, most importantly, independent. The 2739 series is a uniquely designed reinforced fiberglass acrylic walk in tub with a right side door. It allows for installation in small areas such as a shower stall, mobile home, closet or a laundry room. Enclosed on three sides, the free standing design allows you to enjoy the luxury of independent bathing anywhere you want. This tub incorporates a stainless steel frame for long lasting strength and adjustable feet for easy installation and leveling. The tub is equipped with a standard drain system which usually takes 2-3 minutes to dispose water from the tub. The tub includes access panels which are conveniently located on the entrance side, allowing users and installers to easily access the unit’s electrical and plumbing connections. Access panels are attached to walk-in unit’s frames by magnets, enabling fast and easy placement.

Product Features

  • Advanced watertight walk-in tub door system; right side outward swinging door for ease of entry into tub; outward door swing for exiting tub
  • Safety features include; 17-Inch high ADA compliant contoured seat, color matched grab bar and non-slip floor
  • Includes magnetic access panels to allow internal entry and easily access electrical and plumbing connections when unit is installed
  • 50-Gallon maximum water capacity or operating level