LILYFUN 3PCS Girls Mermaid Tail Swimsuit for Swimming Bikini Princess Can Add MonoFins

Size Information:
Upgrade can add mono fins:
Size(US):Child S 3T/4T Suitable Heigh(inch/cm):43.31″/110 Suitable age(Years):3-4Y Tail Skirt Length(inch/cm):39.37″/100 Top Bikini Chest(inch):17.32″-22.83″ Hip(inch/cm):20.47″/52
Size(US):Child M/5-6 Suitable Heigh(inch/cm):47.24″/120 Suitable age(Years):5-6Y Tail Skirt Length(inch/cm):41.34″/105 Top Bikini Chest(inch):18.11″-23.62″ Hip(inch/cm):21.65″/55
Size(US):Child L/7-8 Suitable Heigh(inch/cm):51.18″/130 Suitable age(Years):7-8Y Tail Skirt Length(inch/cm):43.31″/110 Top Bikini Chest(inch):18.90″-24.80″ Hip(inch/cm):22.83″/58
Size(US):Child XL/9-10 Suitable Heigh(inch/cm):55.12″/140 Suitable age(Years):9-10Y Tail Skirt Length(inch/cm):45.28″/115 Top Bikini Chest(inch):19.69″-25.98″ Hip(inch/cm):24.02″/61
Size(US):Child XXL/10-12 Suitable Heigh(inch/cm):59.01″/150 Suitable age(Years):10-12Y Tail Skirt Length(inch/cm):47.24″/120 Top Bikini Chest(inch):20.47″-27.17″ Hip(inch/cm):25.2″/64
Product Care Instructions
1.Washed by hand in cold water dry can.
2.Should be taken before the water wet with water, to reduce damage, swimming should never put off till tomorrow what you can rinse the body and then take off, to keep the clothes of elasticity.
Set Include: 3pcs Swimsuit(1pc Tops + 1pc Underwear + 1pc Mermaid Tail)

Product Features

  • ※2018 Latest Styles&Colours– a.Shells Bikini+Blinking Tail Dress b.Jewelry Bold Colors c.Shells Bikini Tail d.Vest+Bikini. Suitable for ages range of larger babies,big girls,teenages.
  • ※BISERVICE-These styles with buttons are different from common cheap styles .You can walk around and uncommitted,also can add mono fins.Default order of swimsuit doesn’t come with mono fins,you can buy in addition in size and color select part.
  • ※Great for the bathtub, kiddie pool, beach or photos,party,cosplay.
  • ※The beartiful mermaid tail princess dress is an amazing present when birthday,summer vacation,back to school.
  • ※HIGH QUALITY-100%Spandex,no rub off,big Stretch,not rough, joint skin comfortable.