Leisure Time 45500-02 Free Sanitizer for Spas and Hot Tubs (2 Pack), 1 pint

100% chlorine and bromine-FREE sanitizer is virtually odor-free and controls bacteria longer than chlorine or bromine. This biguanide based sanitizer is easy to use, and safer to handle and store than harsh bromine or chlorine commonly used to sanitize spa or hot tub water. This sanitizer is gentle on eyes, hair, and skin, and virtually odor-free. It does not affect hot tub pH levels, resulting in reduced chemical use and less routine maintenance. Compatible with the Leisure Time Simple Spa Care specialty line of products, which consists of Bright and Clear, Enzyme, Foam Down, Spa Up, Spa Down, Defender, EsScents Fragrances, Boost and Control. Test strips for Free Sanitizer sold separately. Start-up Instructions: Use Free Sanitizer last when setting up your spa. Circulate water with jets on high speed for 15 minutes. Test water to make sure Free level is between 30-50 ppm. Maintenance Instructions: Add Free on a weekly basis according to label directions to adjust sanitizer level to its proper range.

Product Features

  • Compatible with the leisure time simple spa care products
  • Gentle on eyes, hair, and skin
  • Virtually odor-free