Kawachi Portable Folding Safe Personal Steam Bath For Relaxation at Home Rejuvenator Lightweight Indoor Full Body Detox Therapy Steam-Sauna Spa Tent – Red

Unique Features (USPs)

• Unique fold up design
• Easy to set up
• Easy & convenient to use
• Occupy little space
• You can watch TV or read magazines as you enjoy the amazing spa.
Directions for use

• Assemble the Steam Life Cabin according to the diagrams attached. Connect steam pipe to the steamer pot.
• Fill the Steamer Pot compartment with tap water up to the indicated maximum water level. You could add a few drops of essential oils at this stage.
• Easy & convenient to use
• Connect the Steamer Pot’s main plug into a convenient socket. Set the timer to 15 minutes or as comfortable to you.
• The Steamer Pot will start producing sufficient steam for a steam bath after about 5-10 minutes. Most people choose to take a steam bath for around 10-15 minutes.
• Place a suitable plastic chair inside the Steam Life Cabin. Sit down and enjoy your steam bath.
• After use always wipe the inside of the cabin with a dry cloth. Do not put away damp.


Don’t immerse the Steamer Pot. It is not a Medical Device. In case you have any health complications, you should consult a doctor before using SteamLife

SteamLife pack contains following items :

• Steamer Pot
• Steam Cabin
• Steam Pipe
• Instruction Manual

• Commodity : Portable Steam bath
• Voltage : A0220/230 V(50/60Hz)
• Power : 750 Watts. (Approx)
• Capacity of Water : 1.5 L. max.
• Time-setting : 60 min. max.

Product Features

  • Detoxify Your Body – SteamLife at 45 to 55 degrees Centigrade makes you sweat from the core of your body thus discharging harmful matters such as lead, cadmium nickel, cholesterol, salt, lactic acid etc. This can help the body resist illness.
  • Burn extra Fat – Using SteamLife helps you discharge excess body fluid, subcutaneous fat as well as salts out of your body. Sweating causes fluid loss from the body, the longer you sit in a SteamLife sauna the more will be the fluid loss. This fluid loss is the actual weight loss. Sauna is definitely an easier way to burn calories.
  • Get Glowing Skin & Look Younger – Anti-perspirants, artificial environments, smog, synthetic clothing, and a sedentary lifestyle all help clog up your skin pores and inhibit the healthy flow of sweat. Sauna bath with SteamLife helps you open the pores on your skin and helps your body to remove toxins and other impurities from within the body.
  • Improve your health & well-being – SteamLife stimulates the blood circulation and activates the stomach and all other intestines. As your body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart works harder to boost circulation, thus improving your cardiovascular system. Your immune system is also strengthened because when your body temperature
  • Better alternative for weight loss – Sauna is similar to mild exercise, it burns about 300 calories per average session. Regular sauna treatments combined with a healthy diet & moderate exercise will help you lose weight and stay fit & healthy. For people who are unable to exercise regularly, SteamLife offers the ideal solution. As the use of SteamLife for 10 to 15 minutes makes you perspire the same amount as if you had run for few kilometers.