JULLISON LED Recessed Low Profile Slim Panel Light with Junction Box, Air Tight, 4 inch, 9W, 550 Lumens, 3000K Warm White, CRI80+, Dimmable, ETL Listed, Energy Star Certified – 4 Packs

Read all instructions before installing fixtures. Retain for future reference.
For your safety, this fixture must be wired in accordance to local electrical codes and ordinances. All work should be done by a qualified electrician.
Make certain power is OFF from the electrical panel before starting installation or attempting any maintenance. Indoor installation only.
2.Measuring Tape
3.Electrical Wiring (use type and gauge suitable for application to connect the fixtures)
1.Turn power OFF from the electrical panel before starting installation.
2.Locate a suitable position to plate the fixture and open in accordance to the cut-hole dimensions (refer to Hole Cut Table for appropriate size).
3. Run electrical wire from the switch (power supply) through the mounting hole-use NMD90 Romex or BX cable.

1. Connect the fixture to the hardwire box by inserting and twisting the male/female connectors.
2. Push spring loaded clips on the fixture upwards and insert fixture base in to mounting hole. Release the clips and fixture will be pulled flush to the ceiling.
3. Once assembly is complete, turn on power to confirm fixture is working properly.
Hole Cut Size
4-1/4”. Please follow the cut out template with the product.

Product Features

  • ● LOW PROFILE: Ultra thin or slim 4 inch recessed down light with isolated driver inside junction box, edge-lite, <1 inch thickness only; Over 80% saving on electricity bills as of 50 watts halogen replacement using 9 watts only.
  • ● HOUSING FREE: No pot housing or traditional can/trim as the canless solution is required even for insulated ceilings and dry walls as it is IC rated and air tight certified as per ASTM E283-04; huge cost saving on using the fixture with light, trim and junction box in a unit.
  • ● EASY INSTALLATION: Great for new construction, retrofit and remodel applications, install into the 4-1/4″ cut out with ease; 3 fast connectors inside the remote junction box help on easy connection for power and ground.
  • ● GREAT DIMMING: Smooth dimming for most of the regular triac/ELV wall dimmers from 5% – 100%, please refer to the product approved dimmer list for selecting a right one.
  • ● QUALITY ASSURANCE: Solid die casting heat sink maintains the excellent heat dissipation performance; Passing strict safety and energy standard, ETL and Energy Star certified; 50,000 hours of L70 life and 5 years warranty; suitable for damp location.