Jewelry Spa Hot Tub – Jewelry Cleaning Kit, Removes Tarnish, Germs and Odor from Rings, Diamonds, Gold, Silver and More | The Only Naturally-Based Jewelry Cleaner and Jewelry Cleaning Solution

Give your jewelry the full spa treatment with the Jewelry Spa Hot Tub system. This amazing jewel cleaner gives you 3 ways to quickly, gently and effectively clean your jewelry. First, thermally when the solution is microwave-heated to the ideal temperature. Second, the green jewelry cleaner solution safely eliminates germs, bacteria, lotion and hand soap residue, and even offensive odors. Third, the Spin Swish technology cleans your gems so that they sparkle like new. This jewelry cleaner system is light, easy-to-use, and provides a gentle clean to ensure that no harm comes to your valuables. Each pack comes with everything you need to keep your valuables clean and germ-free. The cleaner components include a Smart Jar, Spin Swish, Rinse Bubble, custom brush/pick, sink safety strainer, power disk, power disk resurfacer, small jewelry stabilizer, 4×4 Spit Shine Polishing Cloth and a user manual. It also includes a 6-oz bottle of the green cleaning solution. One bottle can make 2 reusable 12-oz baths and each bath can clean 50 to 75 pieces of jewelry. The system does not use batteries or electrical cords and comes in packaging that doubles as a handy carrying caddy for easy storage. Make sure that your jewelry is clean, and germ-free in the safest, most effective and affordable way with the Jewelry Spa Hot Tub. Jewelry Spa is a registered trademark of Jewelry Spa HOT TUB Inc.

Product Features

  • SAFELY & EFFECTIVELY CLEANS ALL TYPES OF JEWELRY – Bring dull and lifeless jewelry back to life with the Jewelry Spa Hot Tub Cleaning Kit. This gentle jewelry cleaner safely cleans all types of jewelry such as rings, diamonds, gold, silver, pearls and more (see below for the full list), so that it sparkles like new. Your jewelry never felt so clean!
  • THE ONLY JEWELRY CLEANER TO REMOVE TARNISH AND DANGEROUS BACTERIA – Jewelry Spa Hot Tub Cleaning Kit can remove jewelry tarnish unlike other jewelry cleaners including ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Our highly effective jewelry cleaning solution thermally eliminates jewelry germs caused by sebum, sweat, bacteria, makeup, soap, and grime so that your jewelry looks like new.
  • REMOVES EMBARRASSING JEWELRY ODORS – Our jewelry cleaning kit uses a jewelry cleaner liquid solution formulated with green ingredients such as purified water, organic alcohol, and plant extracts to gently disinfect and sanitize your jewelry; removing embarrassing jewelry odors.
  • FAST, EASY AND AFFORDABLE – Unlike bulky, expensive ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, the Jewelry Spa Hot Tub is light, easy-to-use, and fast! It cleans your jewelry in as little as 5 minutes! (Cleaning times may vary). It will not damage your jewelry either when used as directed. Each 6-oz bottle of the green cleaning solution makes 2 reusable 12-oz baths and each bath cleans 50 to 75 pieces of jewelry. That’s up to 150 cleanings in one bottle!
  • LEAVES YOUR SKIN FREE FROM BLACK MARKS AND RASHES – You don’t even have to leave your home to give your jewelry the full spa treatment it deserves. With Jewelry Spa Hot Tub, you can now enjoy wearing your jewelry without the worry of having black marks and rashes! This jewel cleaner does not require batteries nor electrical cords and can be stored easily since its packaging doubles as a handy carrying caddy for storing under the sink.