Infrared Therapy: Lose Weight, Live Longer, Look Younger, and Heal Faster with Sauna Therapy

Do you get migraine headaches and struggle to find an effective treatment? Are you in chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, injuries, sprained tissues or strained muscles? Perhaps you are struggling with acne that won’t go away, or maybe you have circulation issues.

Most people would think it foolish to say that one kind of treatment could work for all these varied issues and more. Yet there is just such a treatment according to many in the holistic medicine and alternative treatment fields.

What is this miracle treatment? It is called Infrared Therapy, although you may hear it called many other names such as Light Therapy, Electromagnetic Radiation Therapy (ERT), Far Infrared Therapy (FIT), or perhaps something else.

What is infrared therapy and can it really treat such a wide variety of seemingly unrelated conditions? Some say it is a modern marvel while others say it has been used for thousands of years in ancient cultures. It depends on your point of reference.

In this book we will address what infrared is, its history and will also walk through some general questions such as:

What does a session of infrared therapy might look like?
How do you prepare for it?
What you need to bring with you?
What should you expect?
Why is it so popular?

We will also examine the various benefits of infrared therapy. Who stands to benefit most from it? What conditions does it address? What is the scientific evidence to back up these claims? How does it work and who uses it? Why it is growing in popularity? Who uses it and should the ordinary person to try it?

Does infrared therapy live up to the hype? Is it really effective and worth the cost? Step into the world of infrared and find out for yourself.