HUKOER Far-Infrared Slimming Suit,Infrared Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Equipment,Anti Cellulite Weight Loss Body Wrap(approved CE,ROHS) …


1.The suggested time of using this machine should not be over 30 minutes;

2.Never pull out the power plug or other connected pipes as the machine is power on;

3.Before doing the therapy,the customers must take down the sharp objects,which would probably puncture the therapy suit and cause seriouse consequences;

4.Stop using the unit if the suit cracks to avoid the danger of electric shock;

5.People wearing the sharp metal decorations can’t do the therapy.


❶weight loss and body contouring,keeping fit;

❷Perspiration detoxification,include discharge of heavy metals and various of toxins sweat,promote the metabolism;

❸Relieve rheumatism and cold,unclog the meridian,reducing body fatigue and relieving stress

❹Activate,purificate and optimize the blood cells and body tissues,improve body immunity;

❺Stimulate body circulation system, promote blood circulation, strengthen and cultivate the


❻Enhancing medication/nutrition lead-in and obsorption.


Voltag Supply:AC110V/60HZ

Power Supply:500w

Maximum Treatment Time:90 minutes

Infrared Temperature:35°C to 80°C

Airpressure Power:1 to 7 levels

Air Infration/Deflation Time:1~6 seconds

Host specifications: 40cm (length) X27cm (width) x 13cm (height)

Packing specification: 47cm (length) x 35cm (width) x 23cm (height)

Net weight: 14.56KG

Gross weight: 15.68KG

Packing List:

1X Machine Controller

1XInfrared Pressotherapy Suit


1XPower Wire

2XThe Spare 5A Fuse

5XThe Spare White Wing

1XEnglish Manual Instructions

Product Features

  • ★[PRINCIPLE]:COMBINES the functions of Far-infrared ray heated therapy AND Air-pressure vacuum massage therapy.The air-pressure therapy is also called pressotherapy that aims to massage full body so that to promote blood circulation,eliminate body muscle tiredness,tightening skin,improve body metabolism…Etc;The Far-infrared heated therapy further helps to speed up the body discharges sweat!
  • ★[TREATMENT EFFECTS]:weight loss,Perspiration detoxification,Relieve rheumatism and cold,unclog the meridian,reducing body fatigue and relieving stress etc
  • ★[UNIQUE DESIGN]:You could enjoy both inflatable and far infrared modes Only using one product.Each mode targets different parts of the bodyTreatment alone.(Left arm, right arm, waist, left leg, right leg, left foot, right foot and Whole body circulation)
  • ★[EASY TO OPERATE]:Airpressure Power–1 to 7 levels,optional;Air Infration/Deflation Time–1~6 seconds,optional;Infrared Temperature–35°C to 80°C,optional;Power supply: 110V, US Plug.
  • ★Treatment time:Once a day, every 30-35 minutes;We will provide you with the best service and technical guidance!If you need a one-time wrap bag, search for ASIN: B07CN4T1X6