HSE Cedar Box Sauna Sand Timer – 15 Minutes – Choose Your Sand Color (15 Minutes, Rust Red)

Each quality crafted 15-minute sand timer is made from cedar wood with large 5, 10 and 15 minute branded markers and colored sand to make it easy to see. The beautiful and fragrant red cedar wood goes great in any sauna. Wood grains vary for each sand timer, as you can expect from a natural wood material, and thus won’t be identical to the wood grain seen in product photos.

Besides sauna use, this wall-mounted hourglass timer can certainly be used for other purposes, such as in classrooms, yoga or exercise rooms, for studying, meditation, kids’ play time or computer time, conflict mediation, therapy, or any other uses requiring a timer.

A natural gravity-based sand timer can often be more harmonious or aesthetically pleasing when a mechanical or loud alarm timer is not as desirable.

Dimensions: 13″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″

Product Features

  • CEDAR WOOD: Crafted from quality red cedar wood to match your sauna, this elegant sand timer both looks and smells great. As you can expect from a natural wood material, wood grains will vary with each sand timer.
  • BOX DESIGN: Elegant box design holds the hourglass in place, adding an impressive visual to your sauna.
  • ROTATING TIMER: Sand timer easily mounts to your wall with 2 included screws. No-show design hides the vertically-aligned mounting strip behind the sand timer.
  • 15 MINUTES – A popular length of time to enjoy a sauna session. Also includes approximated minute markers for finer detail. 15-minute hourglass is accurate to within 30 seconds.
  • SAND COLOR – This sand timer uses a rust red glass bead sand. Also available in white.