Hot Tub Testing Strips 5 in 1 – Pool & Spa Chlorine Water Quality Test Kit – Bromine Test Strips for Hot Tubs – 100 Professional Strip Pack

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to test and check water in your hot tub & spa to make sure its clean and safe? Do you want to have fast and reliable results so you can play and have fun?
Buy and use Ithe complete water testing kit for your daily needs from Crystal Water Filters. Our pool, spa and hot tub testing kit includes 100 strips and tests for:
Total Hardness: Check the water for hardness. Very hard water makes water in the pool cloudy. Very soft water can damage the pool and spa equipment. Bromine: Check for bromine levels. Water will turn dirty if bromine level is low. When bromine level are high it can cause damage to spas and pools equipment. Free Chlorine: Check for chlorine levels to avoid skin and eye irritation. pH: Check pH of water.When pH is too low, the water will irritate skin & eyes, when pH is too high it can damage your hot tubs and equipment. Total Alkalinity: High or low alkalinity levels makes pH levels unstable. It makes hard to maintain the pool.

Important Advice:
– Store hot tub testing strips kit in a cool dry place to kepp the strips fresh and ready to use.
– Close the lid of the kit when you take the strip out.
– E-book “Ultimate Guide To Hot Tub & Spa Water” is waiting for you. Download your bonus! It will give you more information and tips on testing water and maintaining your spa and pool.
– Read instructions closely before you use the strips.
– Do not remove desiccant packets, they keep the kit dry.
– If for some reason your stripsa are defective or not working properly, please contact us.
We offer a LIFETIME money back guarantee on all products under our brand Crystal Water Filters when you order today.

Product Features

  • COMPREHENSIVE HOME TESTING KIT for your hot tub and spa. Check 5 parameters: hardness, bromine, free chlorine, pH & total alkalinity
  • EASY AND FRIENDLY USE water test kit, follow simple instructions and get clear and understandable results. Dip a testing strip and compare result with color chart on bottle. You can do eveythng at home: no need for mailing samples off to an expensive lab. No waiting for results.
  • IDEAL TEST FOR SPA & HOT TUB as marked on bottle, our hot tub and spa testing kit comes with a e-book explaining results. Get recommendations for how you can keep your water in a healthy & clean condition
  • CLEAN, SAFE AND CLEAR WATER, use spa test strips to check water regularly and protect your family and friends. Get results and take action when needed
  • 100 STRIPS =100 TESTS – Each hot tub and spa test strip has 100 strips for accurate and fast results. Use a strip to test anythinig including spas and hot tubs, fresh and salt water swimming pools