Hot Tub Spa Chemical Balance Pack: Alkalinity Up, pH Increaser, pH Decreaser, Calcium Increaser

Our Spa Water Balance Pack contains all of the chemicals that you need for perfectly balanced hot tub water. Balanced means that it is neither too alkaline (high pH) which causes destructive scale buildup on equipment, nor too acidic (low pH) which may erode plumbing and cause costly damage to spa pumps, seals and heaters. Balanced water has a more pleasant feel to the skin, and allows your sanitizer to work more effectively.

Product Features

  • Alkalinity Up: Raises low total alkalinity (TA) to reduce corrosion, prevent pH bounce. 1 lb.
  • pH Increaser: Raises low pH to prevent corrosion, optimize sanitizer effectiveness, reduce eye irritation. 1 lb.
  • pH Decreaser: Lowers high pH and TA to prevent scale buildup. 1.5 lbs.
  • Increase Calcium: Raises low water hardness to prevent corrosion, reduce foaming. 14 oz.