Hot Tub Cover Cleaner- Restore

Hot Tub Cover Cleaner-Restore. Restore is specially formulated to work with all hot tub cover. This cover cleaner formula is a blend of cleaners and conditioners, and leaves your cover look brand new! Apply to cover and gently scrub using a light scrub brush or damp towel. Theamount of cleaner and scrubbing will dependon how dirty the cover is.Rinse cleaner with water and you will notice the dirt is gone and yourcover`s color has been restored. Use regularly to maintain your cover`s original condition. UV inhibitors in Restore protect against sun damage and fading. Cleans dirt and mildew, restores color, and protects against UV damage. Size: 650 ml (22 Oz.).

Product Features

  • Hot Tub Cover Cleaner- Restore
  • Cleans dirt and mildew
  • Restores color
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Size: 650 ml (22 Oz.)