Hot Tub Booster Cushion Submersible Spa Water Seat – Blue by Belize

The Belize Water Seat is the comfortable spa cushion which solves a common problem for shorter hot tub users and is the perfect booster seat for kids. It’s also ideal for use in wooden hot tubs, and in soft tubs with floor seating. Features exclusive side handles for easy removal or hanging out to dry. Unlike others, the Belize Water Seat has a removable, machine-washable outer cover in blue or black, which is much more durable. Approx. 15″W x 12″L x 5″H. Water drains when removed. Inner compartment may be weighted with a small amount of washed pea gravel if desired, to prevent buoyancy when not in use. Compare to Water Brick – the comfy Belize Water seat is your best value.

Product Features

  • Submersible hot tub spa booster cushion
  • Thick cushy core for comfort – great for aquatic exercise
  • Outer cover un-zips for easy machine washing
  • Side handle straps – water drains when lifted from spa
  • 15″W x 12″L x 5″H.