Highwood Flex Corner Spa Cabinet Replacement Kit, Weathered Acorn

Welcome to Highwood. Welcome to relaxation. Do you have an old rotten or dirty hot tub cabinet? Replace it with a beautiful Highwood cabinet! For more than a decade, some of the biggest hot tub manufacturers in the world have used our product. Our standard cabinet kits are sized for the majority of old hot tubs in the marketplace. Built to last with Highwood’s unique marine-grade recycled plastic, this hot tub cabinet kit is unyielding to rot and deterioration. This hot tub cabinet comes in an off-the-shelf kit in 3 colors and is part of our Spa Collection. The flex corner spa kit bends to handle up to a 12” radius. The kit has been designed for hot tubs with a maximum cabinet height of 33” and a maximum corner-to-corner dimension of 96” long for flex corner spas. Each kit contains 8 side panels, 4 corners (flex or square…you choose), trim and 72 stainless steel screws with grommets for a clean, worry-free installation. Explore the entire Highwood product line to coordinate other beautiful and durable products to enhance your outdoor living space. Some assembly is required. Finally, this cabinet kit will work for 90% of recent spas in the marketplace but for those rarer 5% minority spas, we do offer a custom kit options. Be sure to check out our coordinating hot tub/spa steps! So kick off your shoes and let the stress of your day melt away. Welcome to Highwood. Welcome to relaxation.

Product Features

  • Proudly and 100% Made in the USA from our own unique synthetic wood in an environmentally-conscious facility
  • Built to last; unyielding to rot and deterioration
  • Available in 3 colors and flex or square corner options – If your spa corners form a sharp 90 degree angle, select the square corners. If your corner is a 90 degree curved radius (most common), select the FLEX corner.
  • Artfully designed to fit hot tubs with a maximum cabinet height of 33″ and a maximum corner-to-corner dimension of 96″ long
  • Comes with manufacturer’s 12-year residential limited warranty. Some assembly is required