GERUIKE Bathroom Corner Shelf Wall Mounted Double Triangle Shower Shelf Organizer Rustproof Storage Shelf 2 Tiers, Silver

Package Size:13.8in*9.1in*3.0in

Weight:1.74 lb

Load-bearing Capacity: 20 lb

Product Material:Space Aluminum

Surface Treatment:Anodic oxidation Cashmere polishing

1.GERUIKE Bathroom Corner Shower Shelf is ideal for use in shower and bathtub, so that you can shelve Shampoo, Soap, Body Wash etc.
2.Every details is made perfectly in production process. Bring convenience to your life, please trust our products.
3.Nail-Free Glue+Super Double Sided Adhesive Tape. Waterproof. Never need to worry it fall off.
4.Modern design can add taste to your bathroom.
5.No tools required, installation is easy and quick. And no damage to your walls.

1.Be sure to clean the walls thoroughly and blow dry, water and oil stains affect the final effect.
2.Please do not install this product on the breathable or rough surface of paint wall, wall paper.
3.If you are not sure whether the product can be installed on your wall or have other questions, please contact us.
4.When sticking ,please squeeze out the air for the sticker and keep away from the gap of surface.
5.Please allow 1-3mm error due to measurement.

Installation Steps:
1.Remove dust, oil stains, keep the surface is completely dry.
2.Peel off the sticker’s protective cover and stick the nail-free glue to the area.
3.Tear off the protective film of Super Double Sided Adhesive Tape.
4.Before fixing,mark the position on the wall.
5.Install bottom part to the position and press hard for 10-12 seconds.
6.Use Nail free ancillary sticker to fix the product to ensure that it won’t be removed.Remove the sticker after 24 hours.
7.Wait for 24 hours before use.

Product Features

  • Simple and stylish look, every detail is made perfectly in production process. And Double-Tiers Design helps to meet your more storage needs.
  • 2.No drilling- It means that no one will blame you for leaving traces on the wall and destroying the original asthetic. Our Nail-Free Glue will help the rack easily be mounted to walls. Stable, waterproof and longevity.
  • 3.Advantage of Bathroom Corner Shower Shelf- Widely used, can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, toilet etc. Help you save more space and make living environment tidier and easier.
  • 4.Made of Space Aluminum- No necessary to worry about quality. A high strength, lightness, corrosion-resistant material, can ensure quality and rustproof.
  • 5.Guarantee – If there is anything interested, Please contact us immediately. We will do our efforts to meed your demand.