Floatinator (Black Floating Cup Holder UV Resistant Foam Float can Support Your Yeti, Tervis or Wine Bottle in The Pool, Hot Tub, Lake or at The Beach. Nesting Allows Them to fit on The Boat Too!

The FLOATINATOR is a floating drink holder that actually works! The ballasted design with its 10″ ring keeps insulated cups, Yetis, Tervis Tumblers, cans and bottles upright even in the roughest of water conditions. It will even hold a wine glass and a full bottle of wine! The flo-tether will keep your drink close at hand while in the water or you can tether to other people with their Floatinators. This floating cup and drink holder is perfect for lazy days at the lake or beach, on the sandbar or floating down the river. Your swimming pool and spa or hot tub experiences will never be the same again once you have a Floatinator to keep your drink next to you in the water. Relax while you’re in the water and quit holding up your drink…let the Floatinator do the heavy lifting so your drink won’t sink!

Product Features

  • Floating drink holder so your drink won’t sink
  • Holds your Yeti, Tervis, Cans, and Bottles
  • Tethered so your drink won’t run away
  • Nests for easy storage – 4 Floatinators fit in a 10 x 10 x 12 space
  • Comes in 8 colors to match your boat or favorite sports team