Dimension One Spas Vision Sanitizing System 01512-261 Vision Hot Tub Filter and Water Sanitizer

The Vision Sanitizing System has no moving parts and requires no electrical connections. It contains a powerful, Silver (Ag) catalyst bed with a large surface area. Water circulates through the Vision Sanitizing System, then through the spa filters, then through the heater housing and returned to the bathing area. When used with a combination of a Water Management System and a Chlorine base, Vision provides a soft, residual bactericide that compliments the natural oxidizing power of ozone and the sanitizing power of Chlorine

Product Features

  • The Dimension One Spas 01512-261 Vision Sanitizing Cartridge contains a natural silver compound that helps keep your water cleaner, longer, and with less effort for 6 months.
  • Silver is a natural bactericide so the D-1 Vision System helps kill bacteria missed during the sanitizing or ozonation processes.
  • Naturally kills bacteria and algae. Reduces chemical use allowing for fewer spa refills annually, saving you money.
  • Improves water safety, maximizes bather comfort and reduces that chlorine smell.