Carver Tubs – AR7242 Rectangle Drop In – 12 Jet,Whirlpool Bathtub with Led Lights and Inline Water Heater

Our AR7242 continues to be one of our best selling 2 person bathtubs. The contemporary design features built-in armrests on each side and a sleek overall look. The depth of this tub allows the bather to be completely immersed in water. Whirlpool Bathtubs are often used in medical rehab for muscle stimulation and providing deep tissue massage. Our Whirlpool Bathing Systems provide in home therapeutic relief for sore muscles, achy joints, arthritis, and strenuous physical activity. Our Massage Jets are ergonomically placed to provide optimal therapy, but can also be adjusted to target each individual aching muscle. Additionally, each jet can be turned on or off, and are easily removed for a quick cleaning in your dishwasher. Our quiet motors feature a variable speed control, giving you over 6 different Jet pressure settings to choose from. At Carver Tubs we believe that quality and cleanliness go hand in hand in creating a relaxing bathing experience. Every Carver Tub is hand built and we use custom shaped, hard piping that is formed to follow the natural contour and curves of your bathtub. This process ensures that every last drop of water drains from our systems to protect against mold, mildew, algae, and fungi that are common in other jetted tubs on the market. We use the highest quality acrylic that is always warm to the touch and never loses its original color. Because acrylic is a non-porous material it is extremely easy to clean but also durable. Drop in bathtubs have a finished rim and are designed to drop-in to a tub deck, alcove, or custom surround. We believe in giving you the foundation to create your ideal bathroom.Our tubs have plenty of surface room to easily accommodate any faucet style, but do not come pre-drilled with any faucet holes. We recommend you check Houzz for design ideas and wait until you receive your bathtub to determine the ideal faucet location.

Product Features

  • 12 Jet Whirlpool System w/ Heater to Maintain Water Temp
  • Carver Clean Whirlpool System self drains, leaving no water remaining after use
  • 3 Speed Quiet Whirlpool Motor – Adjustable low, medium & high pressure + air speed control
  • 4 Small LED Lights: 9 Color Variations
  • Drain and Overflow Kit Included. Available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel & Oil Rubbed Bronze