Atlantis Whirlpools 3666PAL Polaris 36 x 66 Rectangular Air Jetted Bathtub

An oasis suddenly appears before you. The aroma of tropical citrus fills the air as you walk slowly towards a pool of pristine water. You hear the therapeutic sound of water flowing into the pool at your feet. Upon entering, you feel the soothing water gently massage your body. While you bathe, slowly the experience overwhelms your senses as you drift away. Let Atlantis Whirlpools take you there. The Polaris series features a blend of oval and rectangular construction and molded armrests. Soft surround curves of the interior provide soothing comfort to your bathing experience. The narrow width of the Polaris bathtubs’ edge adds additional space.

Product Features

  • • 30 air bubble massage jets powered by 1HP air blower with built in air bubble heater• Built in air heater allows for warm and comfortable air bubble jets• Solid, one piece, acrylic construction with non-porous surface for easy cleaning and sanitizing• High gloss white finish with matching jet faces and buttons• Exterior of tub is rectangular shape with ovular interior shape that blends with outer edges; tub is pre-leveled for easy installation• Left side drain pla